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~ Board of Directors ~

Board President


Board Member

Paul Hanson ~ Paul has been an outdoor educator for at-risk-youth, a massage therapist, a salesman, a construction worker, and a small business owner.  He now spends his retirement as a musician, an intentional community participant, restores homes, and enjoys being an environmental activist in southern Oregon.  Paul studied cob building with Ianto Evans in 2007, and has successfully constructed 7 rocket stoves to date.  He enjoys combining his log cabin building class knowledge and construction career with cob and straw bale techniques, and is working on a cob insulated greenhouse at his home.  Paul was instrumental in getting the Freedom From Pesticides initiative on the ballot for Josephine County in 2014.

Dad w: guitar

~ Advisory Council ~

Lori Ann David  ~ Lori Ann David is the working visionary behind Aurora Farms and Lori Ann David Design Studios. Her educational/athletic pursuits from USC, UCSB, and UW eventually led her to traditional and organic polyculture farming/preservation in the Pacific Northwest, California, Idaho and New Jersey. Along with her 40 year career in edible and integrated landscape design and construction, living environments, agricultural and horticultural consultation and education, retreats, healthy healing and her award-winning sculpture studio, LAD decided that empty nesting was the perfect time to start manifesting new nests. In addition to teaching her areas of expertise, “Aurora”, as her friends call her, is an author, lifetime aviatrix, and regular contributor to Women in Business thru seminars and business plan development. Her passion lies in training farmers to farm thru regenerative agriculture including holistic pasture and livestock management, applying the principles of permaculture to every area of life, and recently launching Aurora Farms SJI (on facebook/#aurorafarms on instagram) and collaborating with the NE Bioregion of the musconetcong.org watershed with her brother, Richard Cotton, on several regional projects to regenerate the local economy, farms, communities, and help regenerate agricultural ways of life.  She can be contacted at la@lorianndavid.com, farm@aurorafarms.org.


Matt Wickey ~ Matt is an outdoor educator, tracker, paddler, and permaculturist, specializing in aquaponics systems.   He has founded the Kaigani outrigger Salish Sea voyaging canoe society to help restore Coast Salish & Polynesian voyaging culture on ancient marine highways that include maritime and stewardship skills.  Paddling and sailing are a passion, as is all outdoor work and play for Matt.  Kaigani and On Sacred Ground will continue to partner on multiple projects.


Matt carries a newly constructed canoe by master Lummi Nation carver to inaugural voyage

~ Staff ~

Executive Director

Sarah Hanson ~ Sarah has been working as a land steward consciously and actively for 25 years.  She started by playing outside, moved to trail construction and land stewardship with the Student Conservation Association, Pacific Crest Trail Association and Washington Trails Association. She has been a WWOOFer in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Italy and Senegal, learning organic gardening techniques, and has a permaculture design certificate.  Sarah was program director for the San Juan Island Conservation Corps for 5 seasons, working with public lands agencies, local non-profits and Coast Salish tribes.  She is a co-founder of Island Makers Guild, a local tool library modeled after NE Seattle Tool Library.  She has a B.S. in Geology/Geophysics, moonlights as a healer, writer, sailor, Do It Yourself tinkerer, and has studied Peruvian shamanism with the Q’ero tribe in the high Andes of Peru and the Four Winds Society.




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