As humans on a planet with finite resources, we must live within an indigenous, co-creative landscape if we are to continue and thrive as a species.  

On Sacred Ground land trust is different than your typical land trust.  We want to shift the land trust focus to include meeting our needs as humans for food, fiber and sacred connection to the earth while simultaneously restoring and preserving the pristine nature of any ecosystem.  To facilitate re-connection to our sacred earth, we promote and provide a place for spiritual questing while honoring and receiving the earth’s abundance.  We combine permaculture ideals with the remembrance of sacred connection to the land and invite you to participate.

  • In some cases this may mean detoxifying an industrial urban lot with appropriate plants, fungi and scientific methods to rebuild the soil.  Next, we might apply an historical and cultural research context to our site as well as observation, and work toward re-invigorating a rare and historical ecosystem that provides education for locals on how to help threatened species.   Or perhaps the site becomes a community garden that includes a temple of meditation that welcomes all.
Photo by Jenny Pittam, Artichoke Bliss Urban Garden in Atlanta

Photo by Jenny Pittam, The Start of Artichoke Bliss Urban Garden in Atlanta

  • In other cases, pristine forest may become a wildcrafting and wild edible foraging preserve where forest management techniques of Europe such as coppicing are practiced and taught.  Conservation easements and best management practices for wildlife and plants species can still apply as are typical for land trusts and land banks.  Research and observation will be shared with the public and our member base, and product provided by the land supports retreat and workshop participants.
Photo by Passionate Permaculture

Wild Edibles : Photo by Passionate Permaculture

  •  We’ll apply permaculture design principles to all sites, appropriate to sites.  Listening to the land is an art, and some lands demand more interaction than others.  All lands will integrate humans into the system with an aim toward mutual enhancement.

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