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Land Trust Questionnaire

On Sacred Ground Land Trust aims to be an international organization that heals, restores and preserves land – anything from pristine forest to suburbs to deserts.  We also aim to provide places for aspiring permaculturists & practitioners alike to embody and teach indigenous ways of life while celebrating sacred interaction with the earth.

  • All land donations to On Sacred Ground Land Trust are tax deductible.
  • We can only accept donations of land at this time that are free from mortgage as our staff is minimal and our board are volunteer.  We do not have the capacity as of yet to embark on large fundraising campaigns.
  • Prospective land donors must first fill out a questionnaire to be considered, and if determined to be a good match for On Sacred Ground, a site visit and meeting with landowners will be arranged.


For our Potential Land Donor Questionnaire, click on the file link below:

Land Trust Questionnaire


“What greater grief than the loss of one’s native land.” – Euripides

Contact us at:



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