Permie Solutions

Permaculture Solutions to Current Events:


Oil Pipelines such as the Dakota Acccess or Kinder Morgan Pipelines can lead to catastrophic spills

  • Become informed, do your research using reputable sources
  • Divest from fossil fuels – shifting your money out of banks that invest in fossil fuels makes extraction based economies less likely to happen
  • Invest in alternative energies & use public/clean transportation – at home or in your local community – match the ecosystem to energy that makes sense
    • i.e. Do you live in the desert?  Solar may be your best source
    • Can you find carpool buddies if you have to drive a car?
  • Join environmental & activist groups that work on the legislative level to limit expansion of fossil fuels and encourage clean energy solutions & job creation
  • Find the best set of local solutions to climate changes issues in your neighborhood

Greening the desert pic

 Water / Drought Crises – 

  • Heavily mulch garden & landscape to retain water in the topsoil – cardboard, newspaper, grass clippings, leaves & straw are FREE or cheap mulch materials
  • Design berms, swales, ponds & keyline systems into your landscape to slow & store water that replenishes the water table
  • Rainwater catchment can be as simple as directing your roof gutters toward the  garden or storage tanks – design with gravity as your ally
  • Greywater systems filter minor pollutants through the rich, microbial topsoil, rock minerals, and woody, fungal debris so that home water use replenishes your water table rather than drawing it down and sending it ‘away’
  • Promote ‘responsible’ agriculture: advocate that all farms use mulch, especially those that include ‘thirsty’ plants – evaporation doesn’t kid around!
  • We CAN re-green the desert….but let’s not create deserts if we don’t have to!

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