• Carnevale ~  A Masquerade Ball Fundraising Gala

February 25, 2017

Friday Harbor

  • Thriving Communities Tour – 2018

Thriving Communities is a series of eight permaculture lectures. Permaculture (permanent-culture) is an innovative science that balances developing communities to create surplus, with ecological sensitivity. Each lecture will be offered in a different location in the Pacific Northwest in 2018 and will be free to attend. They will also be recorded and uploaded to a website for general viewing.

On Sacred Ground Thriving Communities Tour has been selected as a Project of Promise by Kosmos Journal:

  • Americorps – Young Permaculturists Training Program

On Sacred Ground will apply for 2018 Americorps grants to train and mentor 20 Americorps youth in permaculture farm, ecosystem management and restoration techniques.

  • On Sacred Ground Housing Project – On-going w/ Property Acquisitions

Our Permaculture Housing Project endeavors to connect land to aspiring farmers & stewards, especially young people, and those in low income or unsustainable credit-based income brackets to model, develop and offer training in site-specific restorative agriculture & food forest techniques.


According to a study by the Center for Housing Policy in 2012 entitled “Losing Ground: The Struggle of Moderate Income Households to afford the Rising Costs of Housing and Transportation”,

“housing and transportation costs rose higher than income during the 2000s…..(holding) true for each of the 25 largest metropolitan areas.”

Income Graph

From “Losing Ground: The Struggle of Moderate Income Households to afford the Rising Costs of Housing and Transportation” a study performed in 2012 by the Center for Housing Policy.

As the ratio of income to cost of living broadens, the masses find their creativity, their ability to be of service to the community and their freedom siphoned off by banking institutions and other aspects of gentrified society.

The actual cost of housing varies by factors that include land speculation adjusted to a volatile housing market tied to banking/mortgage/lending institutions be their practices sound and legal or not, actual home construction costs – labor and materials, appraisals or going rates of a geographic region, and WHETHER OR NOT the buyers will be able to work far enough into the future to pay for the actual cost (materials and labor), the speculative costs (appraisals), and the cost of the home two or three times over via a mortgage (bank) that was founded on principles of theft of indigenous lands backed by a legal system enforced by violence.


We are huge fans of Charles Eisenstein, world-renowned author & speaker on Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.  Take a look at the connection Charles makes to our modern-day economic system and how we value our finite resources on earth:

We recognize that overthrowing this system and replacing it with something more egalitarian will take time. 

To accomplish this, we plan to:

  • Hold donations of land in perpetuity for generations to come by Land Trust ownership with permaculture management and through conservation easements. 
  • Connect qualified farmers and site-managers (particularly youth) to our lands as residents and project managers appropriate to the site (some lands may require ‘hands-off’ rehabilitation, however, we will offer human interaction with as many sites as possible) to produce market gardens, community gardens, demonstration and education centers offering workshops and classes, and spiritual retreats that further our permaculture goals. 
  • Purchase lands that are reasonably priced (reducing the average 30 year future labor backed mortgage to 3 years or less) via grants and community buy-in membership for residents desiring to live in a permaculture-based community, via fund-raising campaigns or crowd-funding, and via partnerships with other organizations that can financially contribute. 
  • Making every effort to connect elders and youth and encourage multi-generational communities of mutual care and knowledge share.  The shift from a retirement, nursing home community to one of honoring and including our elders in daily life is vital to a shifting economic structure.


  • Running our vehicle fleet on biodiesel and/or Waste Veggie Oil (WVO)

We have the opportunity to visit our land trust and consultation sites using a converted diesel truck that will run on waste or straight vegetable or biodiesel.  We are including in our Go Fund Me/We The Trees campaign costs allocated for vehicle & centrifuge/filter equipment.


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